Our Story

We believe primary care providers should consistently 1) be on time, 2) listen, 3) think, and 4) find the most cost-effective treatment plans that are based  on your values.  We believe we should be experts in what we do.  We believe your care should happen in a happy, thorough way and in a place that is easy to access.  But most of all, we  believe that relationship equals results, and we continously work to strengthen both.

We are a modern medical clinic.  We like our patients, and our patients like us.  We are purposely small, so that you'll always be talking to someone who knows you.  We're conveniently located on the northwest corner of M-59 and Oak Grove in Howell, MI.

Our clinic is a part of  BlueSky Health, which is a social enterprise created by Dr. Jeff Huotari over 10 years ago.  BlueSky Health's purpose is "to create an ideal method of care as judged by patients and the people who care for them" and its method is marketplace innovation with a disruptive twist.  Dr.  Huotari is always using us to test new ways of doing things, pushing us to get closer to that ideal method of care.  We view this clinic as the heart of BlueSky Health, and our patients are the primary beneficiaries.